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Snow day!

2 February 2009 by superlative

We’ve had six inches of snow and the entire country has been brought to a complete standstill! So I’ve got the day off, wooooo!!! Yes as usual we can’t cope with even a bit of snow – there are no buses, no trains, and loads of runways are closed. Even the gritters couldn’t go out last night as apparently the conditions were too bad. I thought they were designed for driving in snow!

So anyway, this morning we have been out for a walk along the beach which was lovely and white and pretty, and then we made a (quite small) snowman. Everyone outside is walking around with big smiles on their faces, the snow turns everyone into children! And if you hear anyone on their mobile they’re saying “yeah I’m not coming in, it’s too snowy”. It’s been great so far. We might go out for some lunch later as well.

So that has been a very nice start to the week. We had a good weekend too, as we went to Strictly Super Dynamite Boogaloo. Obviously that was Boogaloo, but with a Strictly Come Dancing theme. So we got dressed up in sort of ballroomy shirts and waistcoats and things, and I bought some one-day fake tan. “Washes off easily and will never look orange” it said on the tube. Ha! They obviously hadn’t banked on us putting three coats on, because orange was what we wanted to be! I looked like an oompah loompah going to a job interview.

Boogaloo was good, the music was good (from what I remember), although I did drink a bit too much and felt quite sick by the time we got home. I had a rather unusual experience too, because there was this guy there in a wheelchair, and he was FIT. I really liked him, and so did Chris, and I was quite surprised because I would normally have thought in a prejudicial sort of way that the wheelchair would have put me off. I’ve never fancied a guy in a chair before, but apparently that’s just because they weren’t good looking. This guy had nice hair, nice clothes, and he was actually a really good dancer. So anyway, I found myself staring at him a bit, and then thought “shit I hope he doesn’t think I’m staring because he’s in a wheelchair. It’s not, it’s because you’re cute!” So anyway, that was a nice experience for me.

Right, it’s STILL snowing, so I’m going to make a hot drink and then watch people out the window for a bit and see if anyone slips over and hurts themselves.

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