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24 February 2009 by superlative

The second half of the third season of Heroes has finally started on the BBC, a few weeks after it started airing in America. I watched the first two last night.

I assumed, how naive of me, that they would do a good long ‘Previously on Heroes’ at the start of the first episode, but there was nothing! It just leapt straight in, and I didn’t have a clue what was going on for ages. I ended up trying to recap on the last few episodes on Wikipedia with one eye, while keeping up with the TV with the other.

So anyway, I think I know what is going on now, and what happened with Arthur (worst master villain ever), and Peter’s powers, and Hiro’s powers, etc etc…

The first episode was good, and had quite a cool ending. The second episode though was AWFUL! It was such a waste of time! They just kept escaping, getting captured, escaping, getting captured, Noah saved Claire, Noah saved Claire again. They could have accomplished it all in 10 minutes instead of 45.

And why is Sylar STILL the main villain? It’s been three bloody series now and he’s still swanning around holding people still with his telekinesis and having overly bushy eyebrows. It just lazy writing, write someone new (and better than Arthur, who had no presence) for God’s sake.

So yes: first episode good, second episode bad. I hope the pace picks up again next week. And that they explain what’s going on with Usutu.

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