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Oh January, thou art the crappiest month

7 January 2009 by superlative

Well it’s 7 January now and I’ve been back at work since Monday. The rest of my Christmas break was fine really, after the fairly dire Boxing Day. After a further roast dinner at Chris’ house at the weekend, we came back down to Brighton in time for our friend’s 30th birthday celebrations on Monday and New Year’s Eve on Wednesday. Both of them were fun evenings which involved some bar hopping, dancing, the occasional tipple of alcohol, and being pushed by large lesbian ladies who insist on dancing in the widest fucking circumference possible. But woe betide you if you dare push them back, oh no, because then you’re persecuting them in some misogynistic masculine way and they have a right go at you. Anyway.

Work has been fine since I’ve been back, although to my extreme annoyance I managed to catch yet another virus at the weekend so had to come to work with a sore throat and stuffed up sinuses. I’m nearly better now. It has been rather dull though, and the weather is really starting to get to me. It’s FREEZING, and it’s been far colder for far longer than I ever remember it being before. The heating at home is struggling to cope so I end up feeling just cold enough to be annoyed most of the time, and it’s too cold to want to go out and do anything. We tried to go for a walk on the seafront the other day and had to retreat after 15 minutes when we started to lose the feeling in our lips. It even looks deceptively sunny out there sometimes, just to tempt you into going outside so the arctic wind can lay waste to any remnants of Christmas cheer you might have had.

I know they always peddle out news articles in the new year about January being the most depressing month, but it really is the most depressing month. We keep saying we should try to organise some nice things to do so we’ve got stuff to look forward to, but then not figuring out what. Maybe we should go for a weekend trip somewhere? Oh I don’t know.

On a slightly more interesting note, we’ve decided we might buy a flat this year. It’s quite exciting, we’ve never bought before because I’ve always said no no we have to wait until we’ve got more money and prices come down. And now prices have come down and we do have some money. I’m also a bit scared though because I hate committing to things and I worry about ending up with something crappy by accident, like a flat with damp or bad neighbours or a poltergeist that eats your socks. Chris will keep me in hand though, he doesn’t usually put up with any of my nonsense. So yay, perhaps in six months we’ll have a flat of our own with an actual guest bedroom and more than one heater!

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