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Obama Inauguration Take #2

22 January 2009 by superlative

Apparently he had to do his swearing-in oath again! How sweet! I think he’s only the third president who has had to re-do it.

I found out though that it wasn’t his fault it went wrong (apart from the first bit where he talked over the Justice man). The Justice got the words wrong, and Obama noticed and hesitated because he knew it was wrong, and then the Justice repeated them STILL wrong, so Obama just said what he was told to, and that’s why they have to do it again. You’d think he could read the words off his card correctly! And on international TV with a billion viewers, in front of your new president too… Tsk, he should be struck off or struck down or whatever it is you do with Justices. Put down? No, that’s pets.

Oh yes, and having discussed the inauguration with Mum a bit, she informed me that she doesn’t think Barack Obama is black enough to be called black because he has a white mother. I pointed out that in segregated America 50 years ago that probably wouldn’t have made much difference, to which she sort of harrumphed. So take note, Mr President, my Mum thinks you are Not Black Enough. I’m sure he’ll be distraught.


Also, this is quite interesting as it points out that his second oath was taken without a Bible, and that he and no-one else present seemed to mind. Good! It would be stupid if you had to swear the oath on a Bible, what if you weren’t Christian? We might have to wait another 50 years for a non-Christian to be elected of course, but it’s still nice to know they could take the oath without a big hoo ha.

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