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New Year’s Eve

7 January 2009 by superlative

Oo, I forgot to say that I had a MUCH better New Year’s Eve this year than last year. I was getting quite worried about it in the end, I had such an awful time last year (see post detailing the badness). But this year I vowed I would be more sensible, and despite the best efforts of my ‘friends’ to turn me into a train wreck again for their own amusement, I was highly successful.

We had a nice dinner at home with Andi and Paul, who’ve spent the last couple of New Years down with us, and I carefully moderated my wine intake with strategic sipping. Then we had a couple of drinks in the Bulldog, and although I hoped to alternate my drinks with soft drinks so I’d last longer, that was deemed “too lame” and I wasn’t allowed. I coped anyway by sticking religiously to vodka, and enjoyed further drinks at Vavoom (very straight for some reason pre-midnight, it’s not ‘cool’ to go to a gay bar you know), dancing at Revenge while skidding around on a sea of drinks and glasses, and then extra haven’t-quite-had-enough drinks at Vavoom again at the end of the night where there was a multitude of pretty boys for us to leer at in a drunken way. And then fajita pizza at home and bed at 4am.

So all in all, I would deem that a vast improvement on last year’s poor showing of throwing up and passing out at 11.30pm and then spending all of New Year’s Day feeling sad.

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