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Oh Christmas tree

26 December 2008 by superlative

Christmas has been a mixed bag so far. Mum has got flu, so is feeling even worse than usual, and I’m terrified I’m going to catch it off her and be ill for New Year. I had to make a considerable effort to ignore it and still give her a hug etc while she coughed in my face. I felt a bit like Princess Di hugging those lepers on TV.

Christmas Day was nice as I spent it up at Chris’ and we had a nice lunch, and then we saw some friends in the evening. Mum did say in quite an accusatory tone what a boring day they’d had without me, but I thought that had been the point, so she didn’t have to make any effort! So fuck it, I’m not taking responsibility for whether they have a nice Christmas, not when she TOLD me not to come home.

Then today was my annual hell of lunch with my horrible grandad. He was fairly well behaved for a change, but Mum came this year and shouldn’t have because she felt ill straight away and the food took too long and then was wrong and then I had to wolf mine and drive her home before anyone else had even finished eating. So now I’m sat on my own while she rests. Still, at least it got me out of the lunch quicker, so it’s not all bad, and hurrah for mobile Facebook and blogging.

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