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3 December 2008 by superlative

I really think that my parents’ house must be built on an Indian burial ground; they have a ridiculous amount of bad luck. Obviously they don’t live in America or anything, but maybe some Indians made a special trip over in order to bury their dead in East London or something.

Aside from the fact that Mum got ill several years ago and has remained officially disabled since then, and that Dad got made redundant from his job earlier this year (which in some ways was actually a good thing), they have myriad things that go wrong, things that break, things that cost money.

Take last Friday. It wasn’t Friday the 13th or anything, God knows what else would have happened had it been, but still:

  • Mum got ill with flu. Not a big deal, but worse for her than some other people because she’s ill generally anyway, and so could do without additional viruses. Also, she hardly leaves the house, so where did she get flu from? Anyway.
  • Dad didn’t get paid. Some mess up at the bank and at his employer apparently, but no-one noticed until Mum checked their account to pay the start of the month bills and found there was no money in it.
  • OK those two things aren’t too bad, annoyances but not disasters, for some people the money thing would be a big problem, but they’ve got savings. But then what else happened? Dad was driving home from work, stationary at some lights, and someone crashed into the back of him! “Oh sorry, I didn’t see you”. What??

So obviously Mum gets stressed at the drop of a hat anyway, she stresses if she can’t find the right pair of glasses (she has about 4 for different types of looking at things), so the combination of feeling ill, having no money, and the car being smashed up at the back sent her into a tailspin. They can sort it out obviously, most of it’s fixed now – Mum’s feeling a bit better, the bank gave Dad his money yesterday, and the car is going to the garage today to be fixed on the other guy’s insurance. But still, quite a bad day I think you’ll agree!

And it’s not just last Friday, it’s every other week with them. They have new radiators put in, and they start leaking within a week and the carpets are all soaked. Their hi fi reaches the end of its one year warranty, and the CD player and radio both pack up on it at the same time. The cat got a mouth tumour and had to have an expensive operation. Dad had someone make an insurance claim against him for a car accident on a road he’s never been on. The list goes on, and those are all fairly recent!

So anyway, I think they need to be exorcised or something. And of course I’m the one who gets Mum in a flap needing calming down on the phone whenever any of it happens. I might have to start hiding horseshoes and lucky rabbits feet around their house, just to try to even out the bad karma.

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