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So no Popstarz after all then

7 November 2008 by superlative

I had thought maybe we’d go to Popstarz tonight, as we haven’t been there for a little while. But as usual events have conspired against me, and now I’m at home on my own. I was quite tired after work (despite having done very little), and then after dinner Chris fell asleep on the sofa. I pottered around quietly for half an hour until I got bored, and then went and laid on the bed and fell asleep myself. An hour later he wakes me up to say he’s had a text and is going to the pub and do I want to come, and no I don’t really because it’s pouring with rain outside and I’m half asleep. So off he’s gone “just for a bit”, which usually means he’ll find he’s having a good time and not be home until 3am. And although I always have the option of joining him later, I know I’ll never actually do that because I’ll be way behind on the drinking and won’t be able to get back into it.

So I guess it’ll just be a night in on my own again. I’m buggered if I’ll be watching Gordon Ramsay’s Wankalong Live though, I’m not that bloody desperate.

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