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Not as good as Eurovision, but fun nonetheless

4 November 2008 by superlative

It’s making your mind up day for America and I’m soooooooo excited. I’m already well into it, and most of the polling stations aren’t even open yet. I’m planning on staying up late to watch – or maybe getting up early to watch. It’s been such a dilemma deciding which way to jump, stupid time difference! If it’s going to be close, I’ll be better off getting up early as they won’t know for ages who’s won. If it’s not going to be close though they’ll know earlier and I could just stay up late. Hmmm…. I’ll probably do the latter.

I’m currently monitoring the BBC News Live Text updater which gives you a few lines of update every couple of minutes. Apparently there are problems with the electronic voting machines and some places are having to resort to paper ballots, which is slowing voting down and could spell controversy later. We’ll have to see how widespread the problems are.

Also, it took Barack Obama 16 minutes to cast his vote in the booth. What was he doing in there?? Getting confused trying to find your own name on a bit of paper is something I’d expect of George Bush not Barack Obama… Unless he suddenly thought “shit, do I really want to be president?” and couldn’t decide whether or not to vote for McCain.

I can see it’s going to be a long and unproductive afternoon at this rate!

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