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21 September 2008 by superlative

We got the car back home with the help of the RAC, and it is now sitting outside with a screwed up back wheel and bumper waiting for the garage to come and collect it on Monday. Hopefully the damage will be limited to that wheel and the bumper and it won’t have damaged anything underneath or bent the axle or anything.

Elephant have been quite good so far, they’ve been quite helpful on the phone, and once the garage have looked at it they said we might get a courtesy car while it’s being repaired. The unfortunate thing is that the fucker that caused the accident didn’t stop, even though they’d hit the car behind Chris. So because of the bizarre ‘if someone else isn’t liable then you must be’ system, the girls who hit Chris from behind are probably liable for the damage to the back of ours, and Chris will be liable for hitting the car that was in front of him. Either way we have to pay our excess on the repairs and it’ll bring down our no claims bonus.

It could be worse I suppose… At least we’ve got comprehensive insurance and no-one was hurt. It’s just a bugger to sort everything out.

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