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Not the sparkliest coin in the fountain

16 September 2008 by superlative

I am becoming concerned lately that I either have brain tumour or some form of degenerative mental disorder. This has possibly not been helped by Chris having said “I think you’ve got a brain tumour” several times in the last couple of weeks.

Of course, I’m not actually concerned about it, but I have had a couple of unexplained bouts of forgetfulness. They always follow this sort of pattern:

Chris says something about some previous arrangement or conversation.

Me: “What?”

Chris patiently repeats.

Me: “I don’t remember us saying that, when was this?”

Chris: “Do you not remember us having a whole conversation about this? And you said yes?”

Me: “No, I have no recollection of us ever discussing this.”

And the worrying thing is that I truly have no knowledge of it, it doesn’t ring any bells at all, and I could easily believe that Chris made it up or dreamt it or had the conversation with someone else.

The reason I’m not that worried though is because, so far at least, all of these occasions have involved conversations with Chris (sometimes with third parties too, but always Chris, never just a conversation between me and someone else).

So, based on that, I think the most likely explanation is that I simply wasn’t listening properly; that I got distracted by something else or by a different train of thought, and I rather rudely just tuned him out while managing to interject “Yes” and “No” at suitable moments on autopilot. And it’s even easier to do when we’re talking with someone else as well because then I don’t even have to manage yeses and nos.

So I’m going to assume this is the case for the moment. If I find I’m wandering the streets with no trousers on one day or I start eating a chicken without actually cooking it, I suppose I’ll have a rethink.

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