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Trying not to count the days

14 July 2008 by superlative

I am trying to avoid reminding myself how many days are now left until the wedding, as I’m not sure it is entirely helpful. But it’s eleven anyway, ELEVEN days, gaaaar!!! That’s nearly into the single digits!

I would say most stuff is now done, which is good. We bought the gifts for our families at the weekend, and I’m really pleased with what we found for them. I’m not quite sure why they get gifts actually, but apparently they do so they are. They’ve all given us money towards the wedding anyway, so they deserve them just for that.

I don’t think we’re getting presents for the bridesmaids any more, we didn’t know what to get them anyway. But our best woman deserves something, so we’re hoping to buy something in America as a special thank you. I hope no-one notices we’re not giving them anything on the day though… I’m sure they won’t stand up and demand to know where their presents are.

Other than buying gifts, we had a nice weekend generally. On Friday we went for leaving drinks with Zac, who is moving to Cambodia in a couple of weeks. It’s sad he’s going actually, particularly as Rob moved away to Sweden last year, it starts to break up some of your circles of friends a bit. I suppose we’ll just have to make an effort to continue to see the friends that we would often only see when we’re out with Rob or Zac or both, you can’t let laziness be the reason that you fall out of touch with people. There was also vague talk in the pub of maybe trying to go to Cambodia next year to visit Zac – I’m not sure if that was just pub talk or if it might actually happen. It would be really exciting to visit somewhere like that, and I suppose having someone to visit makes it more likely than us just randomly going there. We’ll have to see though. What jabs do you need to go to Cambodia anyway??

And then we also had a nice lunch out on Sunday at the Brunswick, to celebrate the engagement of two more of our friends. Honestly, EVERYONE is getting married. We’ve got three weddings this year (including ours), plus these other friends who are now engaged too. It makes me feel quite old – we are now ‘at that age’ where people settle down and start having babies and things. Still, it’s quite nice really, and I like other people’s babies. Chris’ brother might want children soon after they get married in August, and then I’ll be an uncle, that’d be quite nice.

So, things remaining to do for the wedding are:

  • sort out the music playlist
  • get some suitable music to play during dinner (classical violin type stuff maybe?)
  • decide who is doing what in terms of setting up the room, collecting hire suits, and all that sort of stuff
  • turn up
  • get married

So not bad really, that sounds very do-able. Unless I’ve forgotten something huge…

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