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Ten, nine, eight…

24 July 2008 by superlative

OK we’re not quite that close, but not far off. It is now 7.45pm the night before my wedding. I can’t BELIEVE it’s tomorrow. Where the hell did it come from?? You plan something for ages and then suddenly WHAM it’s right there. I’ve a feeling it’s going to flash past so fast.

Mum is down, she got here, which is great. She didn’t think she was going to for a while, and she was hot and flustered and exhausted by the time she arrived, but could be worse. Dad had rubbed her up the wrong way in the morning, but to be honest anything he had done was likely to do that. He doesn’t help himself though, he does do some stupid things sometimes (for example, trying to force her hat box into the cupboard in the hotel by turning it upside down and pushing it hard, when she’s already said “Is my hat still alright?” ten times in half an hour). Anyway, so she’s here, their room wasn’t ready for 20 minutes after their arrival, which is annoying because I was told 2.30 so they arrived at 2.40, but eventually we got them in. They’ve been bumped up to a sea view too, which is great. It’s a bit hot in there, no air conditioning in the rooms, only downstairs, but it’s a nice room.

So anyway, that’s one big hurdle out of the way, and she’s so pleased to have made it. I’d got as far as having mild chest pains during the morning, I was that worried about it (another of my phantom pleurisy episodes, for those who’ve known me long enough to remember the last lot). I feel better now though.

Bit scared, can’t believe it’s tomorrow, but looking forward to it, and I know I’ll miss not sleeping in the same bed as Chris tonight.

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