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One week remaining

18 July 2008 by superlative

This time in a week, I should be dancing around my wedding reception. I hope that it’ll be at the end of a nice day where the sun has shone and everyone has arrived on time and it has all generally gone well.

I’m feeling just about OK about everything at the moment, we’ve done pretty much all we can do this far in advance. Chris is finishing off the music playlist as I’m typing this – I think it should be really good, we’ve got loads of good songs on there. I was surprised how quickly 5 hours gets filled up with relatively few songs, we ended up having to cut loads of stuff out just to keep it down to the amount of time we’ll have. I don’t know yet if I’m actually going to get to dance to all the songs I’ll want to dance to (basically all of them) – I’ll have to choose: either talk to guests, and miss the dancing; or dance and be a bit antisocial. I think Chris has already said to everyone that he’s not planning on talking to people so don’t expect him to, he wants to dance. Which is fine in a way because we’ll hopefully be seeing quite a few people the following day anyway for additional food, drinks and maybe clubbing, so hopefully we can talk to them then.

Other than the music, there’s really not that many things we can do now. We’ve just got to wait until Wednesday and Thursday when we can start doing things for the actual day. I’m only at work on Monday and Tuesday this week, which is good, but I think I’m going to have a hard time concentrating on my work – I just want to get on with the wedding now.

And I really ought to start doing some stuff for America now – it’s so unlike me to have thought so little about a holiday when it’s only a week and a bit away! Thank god for the eight hour flight on Monday… I think that’ll be the first time I get to relax from about the previous Wednesday!

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