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A much better day

23 July 2008 by superlative

OK, today has been a much better day than yesterday, and I’m feeling a lot more positive. I have done LOADS of wedding stuff, and it is starting to feel like it is all coming together. And so far, nothing I’ve done today has gone wrong or unearthed a problem. I have:

  • checked my suit jacket fits OK – it does
  • got the car ready for going up to Heathrow (washed and full of petrol)
  • polished my smart shoes
  • been into the music shop to check our booking is OK for Friday – it is
  • called New York to check they still have our reserveration – they do, and I had a lovely chat with a man in the hotel about the best way to get there from the airport
  • called San Francisco to check they also still have our reservation – they do
  • tidied up the flat a bit and cleaned it lots in preparation for our house guests – including the horrible black mould that has been accumulating on the bedroom window for four years and that has resulted in us never opening the blind in there a) so we don’t see how horrible it is, and b) so it doesn’t try to ensnare and eat us

I have also spoken to Mum, and she is feeling quite a bit better today, and certainly sounded better. Her pills have kicked in that help stop her getting too anxious, thank GOD for prescription medication.

So all in all I have had a Productive and Good Day.

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