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9 days remaining, people

16 July 2008 by superlative

I’m feeling moderately less stressed than I have been at the moment. Chris and I sat down and decided what tasks are going to need doing and when, and then who is going to do what, and that made me feel quite a bit better. I have trouble accepting that I don’t actually need to do everything myself, but once Chris said “well I’m going to do that, and that, and the bridesmaids are doing that bit”, I started to realise that I haven’t actually got loads to do.

My key tasks are to help set up the room on the day before, sort out our flat for Chris’ cousins to stay in, meet Chris’ cousins and my brother on the day and help them get parked, and help to collect the music equipment. So the only thing I’m doing on the day of the wedding is meeting people and going to the music equipment shop, and then getting myself ready. So that shouldn’t be too bad, surely I can manage that without freaking out??

I’m a bit worried that I’m going to burst into tears the minute I see Chris at the registry office though… And he’s worried that he’s going to laugh hysterically throughout the whole thing, so we’re going to look like a right pair – me crying, and him laughing at my pain.

I spoke to Mum last night, and she is obviously getting a little more worried as the day gets closer. She’s worried about the journey down here, and about having enough time to recover from the journey before the ceremony, and then coping with the ceremony, dinner, reception etc. after that. She’s dropped a couple of hints about how she’ll maybe not be at much of the dinner or reception – it’s going to be too noisy and she’ll be worn out from the ceremony. I’ve told her that’s OK, and I guess it is, although obviously in an ideal world where she weren’t ill she’d be there with me for all of it. I’ll be happy if she actually comes at all though, so I’m not setting my sights any higher than that. I just hope that, if she does slip off after the ceremony, she’s not also going to be distraught that she’s missed it all. If she’s upset, I’ll get upset, and I just can’t deal with that.

That’s life I suppose… things are never simple or perfect, you just have to make the most of it.

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