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Boogaloo at the Arc

6 June 2008 by superlative

Last night was Boogaloo’s first time at its new venue, the Arc. I’m not sure why it’s moved so soon from Candy Bar, but the Arc is a very cool venue so I’m not complaining. Although actually I WAS complaining last night on the way there – I’m not used to having to walk so far for it! By ‘far’, I mean 5-10 minutes, but that’s far for me for Boogaloo.

Initially I was a bit sceptical about it when I got there, as it was really really empty. They weren’t using the whole club (probably for the best) but even the open bits were a rather sparsely populated. Saying that though, it had picked up immensely by 12.30 and was looking quite decently full.

The drinks were ridiculously cheap at £1.50 each, and the music was as good as it always is with Dynamite Sal and Boogaloo Stu on the decks (note to self, download Justice – D-A-N-C-E). As the Arc is in the arches under Kings Road, the brick walls and ceilings gave it back a bit of that basement vibe that suits Boogaloo so well too.

Cabaret was… interesting, as it featured full nudity from the remaining three contestants. They had an iPod AND and iPod Shuffle to give away, so people REALLY upped their game in order to try to win them – I think that could be a bit dangerous during the three months they say they’ve got them available as prizes. After the usual simulate-a-spit-roast and fake-an-orgasm rounds, Stu naively announced that the winner would be the first one with their pants over their head when the music stopped. Not willing to wait for the music to stop, the girl contestant promptly flung her dress off, danced around with her bra-less bosoms going all over the place, and then whipped her knickers off as well. The two boys were a little slower to react, but clearly really wanted that iPod as well, as they were naked very shortly afterwards, making no attempt to cover their average-sized modesty, while Stu protested in vain that they might get shut down for indecency. The boys weren’t bad, could have been better, but I’ll take my nudity where I find it. Miss No Bra won anyway, so was rewarded for her uninhibited exhibitionism, and the boys were given the iPod Shuffle to fight over between them.

Next week they’ll be having the Pipettes performing live apparently, about which the crowd seemed quite enthusiastic. Should I have heard of them? They sound a bit familiar, but I may just be thinking of the plastic dropper thingies from GCSE Science. I might Google them to see if they’re worth the hangover on Friday.

And although I really would like to win an iPod, I’m not at all sure I’m prepared to push it quite as far as those contestants did. Maybe I can get Chris to win one for me…

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