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6 weeks 3 days til M-Day

10 June 2008 by superlative

The wedding is creeping up really fast now, only six and a half weeks to go (M-Day stood for marriage day, by the way, and was also a vague reference to X-Men comics for all you geeks out there).

Things are progressing fairly well I suppose, but I’m still getting more and more stressed about it. And I haven’t helped myself by looking on Trip Advisor just now for reviews of the hotel we’re having the reception at and where our families are staying. Now, don’t get me wrong, I take reviews on that site a little with a pinch of salt, as usually only people who’ve had a really bad experience care enough to write on it, and everyone else has a perfectly fine time and never writes anything. BUT, there were some very bad reviews to be found, particularly around the noise levels. Which is not unexpected I suppose, given where it is – on the seafront, with one side facing East Street where there are several bars and a club. And I’m sort of hoping that most of us who will be staying there will be going to bed fairly late anyway, so the impact will be fairly minimal.

That will not, however, apply to my mother, who I fully expect to have retired upstairs by 9pm at the latest. So I’ve asked more than once in an OCD-checking kind of way that they be allocated a quiet room, AWAY from East Street. Which they’ve said they’ll do, to be fair, so I’m hoping it’ll be OK. I cannot deal with her having a paddy because she’s had no sleep, or even worse saying she doesn’t feel well enough to come to the ceremony/reception because of lack of sleep. I’ll just be stressing out the whole time.

A further little problem I’ve just found out about, which I’m a bit afraid to tell Chris because I know his Dad’s been asking in a keen sort of way, is that for the guests staying overnight there, you can’t check in before 2.30pm. And the ceremony is at 3pm. Why is nothing simple??? Why is it so late?? I know they’ve got a lot of rooms to clean etc etc but that’s going to be really unhelpful, as I was hoping we could get ready at the hotel. Mum and Dad’ll be alright as they’re arriving the day before, but most are arriving on the day. Oh bollocks, and I’ve just remembered that we’ll have hire suits for our brothers and Dads, so where are they going to get changed? I was thinking “oh they’ll just have to get ready before they come to Brighton, drive down and come to the ceremony, and check in later” but they can’t if they haven’t got their suits! Damn damn damn!

And it’s not like six people can get dressed in my parent’s room, not with my Mum ‘needing to rest’, and even our flat is going to be a problem because Chris’ cousins are staying there!! Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! OK maybe we should just cancel. Or move the whole wedding to a nice quiet hotel in the country where there’s parking and the rooms are available from 12pm. Although then all the non-resident guests have to figure out how to get home so that doesn’t work either. How do people ever manage to get married??

Oh god this is going to be well annoying to sort out… And parking’s going to be a problem, I can’t even think about that at the moment.

Oh fuck it, I don’t even want a wedding any more. 

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