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Hideous shots and Euromania

27 May 2008 by superlative

I had a very nice bank holiday weekend that felt much longer than the three days it actually was. I’ve also only got a three-day week this week before we are off to Sweden, so hopefully that will fly by!

On Friday Chris’ cousin Katy and her friend Gemma came to visit us as they wanted a bit of a trip down to Brighton, so they came round in the evening and we had some drinks and went out for a few more drinks and a bit of dancing. I have to say I was quite surprised and dismayed to realise just how much of a difference being 20 makes to how much alcohol you can get away with consuming. Those girls could DRINK. Honestly, I don’t know where they were putting it. I wouldn’t mind, but they were barely hungover in the morning after having drunk enough to put me under for about two days… Still, that’s the price you pay for being 27 I suppose. I did manage to have two shots that arrived in test tubes, which I found very disturbing indeed – you should never being drinking anything from a test tube, not unless you are clinically insane and have an assistant called Igor. I had to politely decline the third and fourth shots which arrived, so Katy had mine for me (again, quite shameful).

Revenge was alright, and the girls seemed quite amused by the hideousness of the ‘drag’ act they have there on a Friday. They were also very, very smitten with Mr Gay Brighton who was acting as a go-go boy during the cabaret, and spent about 20 minutes chasing him round the club shouting “Mr Gay! Mr Gay!” and trying to chat him up. I tried to point out that it wasn’t his actual name, but that didn’t seem as important to them as the prospect of licking the sweat off his chest.

Then on Saturday it was our Eurovision Spectacular, which was great! I had made scoresheets and miniature flags, we had a Euro Cake (see below), a sweepstake, loads of cocktails, and lots of people came. It was a bit of a shame that Russia won when clearly it did not deserve to, as evidenced by our scoresheets (which I’ve kept). Iceland, Sweden, Greece, Ukraine and even the bizarre Spanish entry (cuatro: el Robocop) were better than Russia, but alas those countries don’t cut such an imposing figure among the Eastern European states who now seem to make up about 70% of the vote.

I did derive small comfort from Andy Binface finishing in last place, which I thought was hilarious. He only got points off of San Marino (which is where exactly?) and Ireland (probably out of charity). I am certain (and cannot be proved wrong) that Michelle Gayle would have done much better. Hopefully failing abysmally at Eurovision will spell the end of his career and he can go back to emptying bins and perhaps get crushed in the big metal jaws of a dustcart.

Chris won the sweepstake AGAIN, which is frankly getting rather suspicious as that’s two years in a row we’ve won our own sweepstake. No-one thought when he drew Russia that he’d win though, and it was fairly close between Greece and Russia right until the end. So I hope no-one thinks we have these parties merely as a scam to extract pound coins from our friends.

Oh yes, and although I’d been looking forward to having Boogaloo Stu present the BBC Interactive part of the programme, it was actually hideously painful and disappointing so I wish I hadn’t bothered. All his clips were clearly pre-recorded and bore little relation to what was happening on screen, which is such a shame given how witty he normally is. If they’d just let him be live and make comments on people’s hair or bad dancing it would have been much better. I felt quite sorry for him really.

Anyway, in three days time I’ll be landing in Stockholm and I can’t wait! Lots of hot blond Swedish boys running around in little shorts, what more could you want?

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