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Birthday weekend

6 May 2008 by superlative

My birthday weekend was much nicer than my actual birthday in the end, as I was starting to get over my stupid virus and we went out and did lots of sociable things. Friday was our Works Night Out, which was lots of fun, although I did get assaulted with lots of bosoms by my colleagues and I wasn’t really sure where to look. I don’t mind bosoms obviously, I’m just not used to having them shoved in my face and jiggled around. The bar/club thing we ended up in was… interesting. Sort of chavvy, and rather empty to start with, but we did get buy-one-get-one-free cocktails, and we were not at all inhibited by the fact that the dancefloor was empty and everyone was looking at us.

Then on Saturday we had Andi and Paul down to stay, and lots of people came round for drinks at ours, and then we went out for more drinks and a bit of dancing. I have decided that I quite like the Bulldog, despite it being ostensibly a skinhead-type pub, because it is ridiculously cheap. How many pubs have their happy hour 10-12 on a Saturday evening?? It was like £2.20 for a double and coke! And yes there were quite a few guys with not much hair on the top of their heads and rather a lot of hair around the bottom of their heads, sort of standing around and people watching in a cruisey way, but so what? It’s not like they’ll assault you or anything, not unless that’s what you’re into and you ask them nicely.

We also had a successful shopping trip on Monday where I spent some birthday money on three new tops, and then we purchased a Camping Starter Kit. It features a tent, two sleeping mats and two sleeping bags, and is designed for the First Time Camper. We are meant to be going camping with Zac this weekend for his 30th birthday, so we thought we had better get kitted out. I then spent Monday evening engaged in pole erection in the living room to make sure we knew how it all worked. I quite wanted one of those tents were you chuck it in the air and it goes ‘flump!’ and is all set up, but we didn’t get one of those in the end and it took like an hour to erect it. I am sure it’ll be quicker on Saturday though… Especially as Ali and Kate claim to have to have “got their time down to 2minutes”, who the hell times themselves and tries to beat their personal best at tent erection?? So anyway, we’ll look too crap if it takes us an hour, and hopefully we’ll be able to whip it up quicker next time.

It is a lovely sunny day and I wish I were outside, but alas I’m stuck in my office with no natural light and my view of the seminar room today only contains a rather glum looking woman with a stethoscope. They could at least have stripped and oiled some hot surfer boys for me.

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